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Sat, Nov 04


Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

SPECIAL EVENT - 2023 Private Seance Gallery

This is a Private Group Séance Gallery Special Event hosted by Psychic/Medium Kristin Roberts! Due to the popularity of this special event, and NOW TWO DAYS of convention! We’ve added an additional Séance w/ Kristin on Sunday as well!!! (This ticket page is for SAT 11/4 @ 2PM) ‼️👀

Online Registration is Closed. Tickets are available @ The Doors!
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SPECIAL EVENT - 2023 Private Seance Gallery
SPECIAL EVENT - 2023 Private Seance Gallery

Time & Location

Nov 04, 2023, 2:00 PM EDT

Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort, 6800 Soaring Eagle Blvd, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858, USA

About The Event

This is a GUEST FAVORITE Private Group Séance Gallery-Style Event with Psychic/Medium Kristin Roberts!!  SAT 11/4 @ 2PM

🌟 UNLOCK the MYSTERIES of the SPIRIT World with Psychic/Medium Kristin Roberts! 🌟 Prepare to embark on an otherworldy transformative journey into the realm of the unknown at the 6th Annual 2023 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention. Join us for an exclusive special event that will take you on a hypnotizing exploration of the afterlife, guided by the extraordinary talents of Psychic Medium Kristin Roberts!

🗓️ Date: Saturday, November 4th, 2023 

🕑 Time: 2:00 PM (Don't Be Late! Get in EARLY to get the BEST SEATS!)

📍 Venue: Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

      Address: 6800 Soaring Eagle Blvd, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858

🎟️🎟️🎟️ TICKETS are just $35 and WILL be available online & at the doors to the event, while they last!

To ensure your guaranteed entry to this exclusive event, please pre-purchase your tickets ahead of time online @

🌌 2023 PRIVATE GROUP SÉANCE GALLERY with Psychic Medium Kristin Roberts 🌌

Join us in the mystical world of Psychic/Medium Kristin Roberts as we invite you to an intimate séance gallery experience! A Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention Guest FAVORITE since we started ou rconvention in 2017! Our guests ask for this event every year! Kristin possesses a myriad of unique talents, from Remote Viewing, to being a Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Certified Psychic Healer, and Paranormal Investigator. Her abilities also extend to Quantum Healing Hypnosis, a powerful modality focusing on mental health, addressing trauma, and healing how our energy flows!

In this special event, "Mental Alchemist" and Psychic/Medium, Kristin Roberts! -- Will lead you through a spiritually transformative journey, offering her gift as a medium to connect with the spirit realm while also allowing your energy to re-connect and flow!

Relax, open your hearts and minds, and prepare for a unique encounter that will leave you profoundly moved!


🔮 OTHERWORLDY CONNECTION: Kristin offers a unique and enlightening way to connect as a group to each others energy with a beginning meditation to get the vibes in order. Therefore amplifying the energy of the space, every soul within it, and YES also amplifying the messages that come through from beyond the veil! You don't have to be in a meditation practice, or even know how to meditate to attend this event!

🧿 "THIRD EYE" ACTIVATION: With a method that directly links and connects us to the spiritual realms, Kristin will guide you through a Pineal "Third Eye" Activation meditation, with the lights down, music playing, gentle guided direction, and frequencies set to 963 Hz! A higher vibration and tone used frequently in sound healing that, when played, can help stimulate, clear, and open your third eye. Allowing stagnant spiritual energy to fall away, unblock, and start to flow! Ultimately infusing your mind, body, and spirits with healing light and a magical intuitive energy!

🕯️ MESSAGES FROM BEYOND: Once this powerful connection is established and grounded in the room. Kristin will then begin to open up and channel messages from the other side, bringing forth your loved ones, sharing in your experiences, and facilitating a tremendous amount of healing! Not everyone may receive a reading during the séance, but we are positive EACH of you WILL have an experience! Kristin approaches the topic of death with compassion and professionalism, offering an honest, supportive, and enlightening perspective towards your ultimate healing and growth!

🖤🖤🖤 In the darkness of this dimly lit room, feeling spirit heavy in the air, the hearts and minds of everyone in the room. Even with all the hustle and bustle of the convention just on the other side of those doors; you will be TRANSPORTED to another realm in this fantastic séance! (🔦 You'll receive a personalized flashlight to enhance your experience and create lasting memories!)

🧘 HOLISTIC APPROACH: By combining a group of techniques such as meditation, energy clearing, third eye activation, messages from spirit, and essentially an overall group healing. This special event brings the Body and Mind TO the SPIRIT! Kristin believes in the interconnectedness of all human beings and their unique life purposes. By attending this truly special event, you may realize just how connected you already are with these energies, along with all the healing you'll be receiving, while also lending that same energy to others without even trying!

📚 EMPOWERMENT & WISDOM: Gain depth in your inner wisdom and uncover personal insights into your life and those around you that you love deeply! As Kristin works her magic, or during the mediation, you may have a vision, notice your body shifting into relaxation, or experience a visit yourself from beyond the veil, sitting in the chair! Maybe a message comes from the person sitting next to you that says just the right string of words that sets your life on the right path! With everyones energy connecting, following the this event, we are sure you'll be intuitively "boosted" for quite some time!

Experience the sacred power we hold when we're together, the connection established, the energy it holds, the healing it abundantly provides, and the miraculous transformations that can happen; simply by taking part in and embracing the energy and messages revealed at The 2023 Private Group Séance Gallery!

🎫 LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Our Special Event Tickets are extremely limited, and seats fill FAST! We may not be able to guarantee tickets for sale @ the convention, so grab yours QUICK to secure your spot at this extraordinary event, before they disappear into the ether!!!

🎟️🎟️🎟️ TICKETS are just $35 and WILL be available online & at the doors to the event, while they last!

To ensure your guaranteed entry to this exclusive event, please pre-purchase your tickets ahead of time online @

Don't miss this chance to explore your minds potential and allow the messages from the other side to come through with Psychic/Medium Kristin Roberts!

Get your tickets now at and join us for an unforgettable day BRINGING The PARANORMAL to LIFE at the 6th Annual 2023 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention! NOW TWO DAYS! Saturday & Sunday, November 4th - 5th, 9AM- 6PM @ Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort! 🌌👻✨


*This is a Non-Refundable TICKET, Séance Gallery Special Event and is NOT included in your 2023 ParaCon Ticket! -- You MUST purchase this ticket separately if you wish to add-on this private gallery seance to your experience. *You DO NOT need a 2023 ParaCon Ticket to Purchase this Add-On event and can attend this event as a stand-alone event. Tickets are non-refundable.

🎟️🎟️🎟️ TICKETS are just $35 and WILL be available online & at the doors to the event, while they last!

To ensure your guaranteed entry to this exclusive event, please pre-purchase your tickets ahead of time online @

NOTE: (This ticket DOES NOT gain you entry into the 2023 Paranormal Convention, and is its own separate event! You DO NOT need a ParaCon ticket to enter or purchase tickets to this stand-alone event. This special event IS happening while our speakers are presenting in the main ParaCon hall and IS a separate event on its own. You WILL be missing a talk on stage during this special event if you so choose, but also gain access to these amazing galleries and intimate workshops with leaders in their field!) Please look to your 2023 show program at check-in for times when you arrive to plan your day accordingly. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE TICKET. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR TICKETS PURCHASED FOR THIS SPECIAL EVENT.


  • Special Event ENTRY (Saturday)

    This Special Event Ticket will gain you one (1) entry to the 2023 Private Group Séance Gallery with Psychic/Medium Kristin Roberts Held SATURDAY November 4th, 2023 at 2:00PM at the 6th Annual Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention @ Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mount Pleasant, MI! 11/4 @ 2PM!

    Sale ended



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