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Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention offers thrills, chills to enthusiasts

FLINT (WJRT) - (11/5/17) - It was a day of demonology, ghost hunting, paranormal investigations and anything else you can't see or hear at the Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention at the Holiday Inn in Flint.

"I'm a speaker about devices that allow you to talk to the other side in real time, so physically, I can ask questions of those who are dead and they answer back and everyone can hear it," said presenter Tim Woolworth of Ann Arbor, MI.

This is the first ever paranormal convention for Mid-Michigan coined as 'PARACON'.

Woolworth was just one of many presenters at the convention and has lectured about speaking to the dead for the last 7 years. "It proves that consciousness exists past death, it also shows that everything that mediums have been receiving for hundreds of years -- now we can hear what the spirits have to say directly as opposed to going through a filter of another medium's consciousness," he said.

The convention offered something for both die hard experienced paranormal fans, and those just starting to learn about the unknown.

"People have questions, anything that's not big, bold and out there, people ask questions, so I think with different experiences, everyone's got a paranormal experience of some kind," said ParaCon organizer Justin Arnold.

And for those that think they haven't, Sunday was the day to learn!

"I've always had interest in going on a ghost hunt and doing all that kind of stuff, so being able to listen to the experience of some of the professionals, maybe opens some doors or at least kind of gives me an idea of what kind of stuff I can do on my own," said paranormal fanatic Corey Snyder.

Psychics, astrologists, aura photography and shopping were also part of the day long event.

The event runs until 6:00 Sunday evening at the Holiday Inn Gateway Center.

Tickets are $50 for an all day pass or $25 for add-on presentation.

Courtesy of Mark Bullion ABC12 News WJRT Flint - 11/5/2017

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