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2021 LINE-UP RELEASE: Tyler Strand

We are so excited to announce Tyler Strand! Presenting at The 4TH Annual 2021 Mid-Michigan Paracon in FLINT/GRAND BLANC!

OCCULT ADVENTURER, RESEARCHER, INVESTIGATOR OF THE PARANORMAL, SPECIAL MAKEUP & EFFECTS ARTIST Tyler's solo-style adventures into the occult & paranormal have led him to places that few humans have ever seen, let alone crawled into! Traveling to all sorts of eerie and secluded locations, descending deep into haunted caves and caverns, researching sacred religious sites, objects, haunted buildings, and abandoned warehouses. Tyler has earned the title around the industry as "The Indiana Jones of The Paranormal". Tyler can often be found alone in the woods with just a flashlight and his gear, amongst some pretty unexplainable encounters.

Art & Sketches by Tyler Strand - 2019 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention
Art & Sketches by Tyler Strand

Recently, Strand's studies at Tom Savini's Special Make Up Effects Program have brought his skills & contributions as an artist & occult adventurer to the screen in the Planet Weird documentary about an eerily synchronistic case starring the Powerhouse Paranormal Investigative Pair, Greg & Dana Newkirk about little goblin like, "3-toed creatures", out of a secluded small town in Kentucky! Tyler will be presenting and discussing at the convention about how he has used his skills in special makeup effects in many paranormal cases. How he has been able to preserve the paranormal history and authenticity of evidence, tracks and foot prints, items and objects, and so much more! His unique gifts and ability to use his talents in the paranormal field has even contributed to cracking a very mysterious case! (Our event organizers can't even ask about it!) Along with sharing some amazing adventures, Tyler will be bringing some of the actual objects in his presentation for the audience to hold, view, and touch! Tyler also contributed to the concept art, sketches, and visual representation based on the personal testimonies and interpretations of the many sightings and reports of the Kentucky Goblin creatures in Hellier. He sculpted the bust of the goblin featured in the opening credits.

Tyler Strand Presenting @ The 2019 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention

Be sure to catch Tyler @ The 4TH Annual Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention! As part of our Paranormal Line-Up of Paranormal Experts, Investigators, Researchers, Authors, Celebrities, and MORE! We've included the trailer to Planet Weird's Hellier below; be sure to check out all the high strangeness on youtube, vimeo, and amazon prime video.

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