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Updated: Apr 23

We are SO excited to welcome back Daniel Klaes to the 5th Annual Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention! His contributions to the Paranormal world are immeasurable! Since 2017, Daniel has been such a phenomenal supporter of our convention! We can't wait to have him back!

Daniel has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal field since he was a child. He was raised in a #haunted house. In 2012, he co-founded the Greater Western New York Paranormal Society which was responsible for tackling some of the most challenging paranormal cases in the New York region.

Daniel is a long-time film producer of "Behind the Shadows", a documentary film series, viewed internationally. He is also executive producer on two weekly live radio shows; "Live with Legendary Psychic Bernice Golden" and "Phenomena Encountered". Both shows are known for garnering thousands of views each episode.

In June of 2015, Daniel realized his lifelong dream. The infamous "Hinsdale House", a homesite of mysterious paranormal insect infestation activity and historical structural exorcisms, which has been featured in different books and featured on national network television series, became available for purchase. Wasting no time, he made an offer that was accepted and he became it's proud owner. The 1853 "Hinsdale House" is currently staged in its 1970's period dressing in order to maintain its integrity from that era when the haunting's began. The home is currently used as a paranormal research location.

Daniel is the Host of #WithinTheseWalls on @thehauntedspace which premiered in February, 2018 on Nick Groff and Elizabeth Saint's ViDi Pay per view TV network. Each week Daniel and his team of investigators meet up at undisclosed locations he has never been to and unlock the mysteries of the spirits who live deep inside. You can catch #WithinTheseWalls every Saturday at 11pm.

Klaes has also been a cast member on the longest running independent ghost hunting show; The Ghost Finders! The Ghost Finders is proud to be featured on ROKU’s Spirit channel and can be found on Amazon Prime, Roku, and Paraflixx. Join the team of Ghost Finders including Spirit Medium Rob Thompson, Lead Paranormal Investigator Daniel Klaes, Witch Megan Deputy and Paranormal Investigators Melody Knapp and Steve Dills as they investigate alleged haunted locations around the country. Over the last ten years The Ghost Finders have revealed some of the most compelling paranormal footage* ever captured on film!

Daniel is also author to Hinsdale House An American Haunting available from his website or wherever fine books are sold near you! "In June of 2015 Dan realized a lifelong dream. The infamous Hinsdale House, site of the infestation and structural exorcism became available for purchase. Wasting no time, he made an offer that was accepted and became the owner. Klaes immediately began renovations to stabilize the house, which continues to this day. Shortly afterward he opened the location for paranormal research and has hosted local, national and international paranormal teams. Recently Dan was contacted by producers from Destination America and contracted the house to be featured on the hit TV series Paranormal Lockdown featuring Nick Groff and Katrina Wiedman. The Episode was the highest viewed episode of the series. Such was the phenomena that after Nick left both EVP and Geobox evidence called for his return to the house. Nick and Katrina later returned to film a Halloween special at the house that was featured on TLC. The house was also the basis for A Haunting on Discovery Channel." You can purchase his book at this link: CLICK HERE!

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IMDb Mini Biography By: Daniel Klaes Check out DanielKlaes.com for more information!

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