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4 Theme Parks That May or May Not be Haunted

Theme parks are great places to spend some time for people of all ages. However, there's a slight creepiness to many theme parks across the world, and eerie urban legends back up that sense of unease. Read on to find out what happened where that brings horror and true crime lovers to these places.

1. Dreamworld, Australia

The Dreamworld park features many different rides, such as safaris, rapids, and roller coasters. This Gold Coast attraction has been generating a lot of buzz in the area with reported hauntings at rides like "Buzz Saw" with the ghost of miller John Darke showing up during the early hours of the morning. Tragically, Dreamworld faced a newsworthy incident when four people were killed on the Thunder River Rapids ride in 2016.

2. Mimaland, Malaysia

Mimaland was Malaysia's first theme park, and it shut down quickly after reports of hauntings. This now abandoned park featured replicas of dinosaurs that brought to mind the blockbuster movie series "Jurassic Park." After this tropical water park claimed the death of rowers due to its rocky waves, the park stays uninhabited but open to the public for hiking and fishing. Although security guards attempt to keep the park closed, many still go for field trips to experience the paranormal.

3. Cedar Point, Ohio

Cedar Point is known for its high-flying roller coasters, and it's a great park to visit with your family. However, the sleepy town of Sandusky is said to hold dark secrets, such as a haunted carousel. Paranormal investigators have witnessed the wife of the horse sculptor, who was murdered in a jealous rage, continue to ride her favorite pony after midnight.

4. Walt Disney World, Florida

Orlando is a dream destination for everyone who wants to see the Magic Kingdom and Mickey Mouse. This theme park, however, has seen many accidents that have led to many urban legends. The construction of Disney World began in 1971, and Pirates of the Caribbean was installed in 1973. The classic ride's slogan is "dead men tell no tales," and many riders report experiencing paranormal activity during the boat ride.

The Pirates of the Caribbean exhibit is full of animatronic characters that are said to change places during the ride without any employee's help. Paranormal investigators have looked into this phenomenon with no evidence. It's important to explore and see for yourself if something doesn't feel right in a theme park. Trust your instincts and report your findings! For more exciting information about hauntings and more, come check out 2019’s 3RD ANNUAL Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention where you’ll get exciting information about hauntings, psychics, and more.

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