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Updated: May 11, 2021

We are so excited to announce ADAM WCISLEK & DEBBIE MARCUM as official presenters at The 4th Annual 2021 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention in FLINT/GRAND BLANC, MI! 11/7/2021

Adam & Debbie are hosts of "Beyond the Silence" an online talk show, and members of the Spirit World Paranormal Investigations team of Southeast Michigan.

Adam Wcislek @ The 4th Annual 2020 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention

Adam Wcislek is a Psychic Medium, Remote Viewer, Paranormal Investigator, Healer and Musician. He has been connecting to the spiritual world since 2005. After taking classes, Adam continues to grow and expand his abilities to new places. He's always learning as well as trying new ways to communicate with spirit. As a very active member of the Spirit World Paranormal Investigations team in South Eastern Michigan, Adam is the lead Medium and house cleanser for private investigations. He takes every case seriously, especially when children are involved. Adam has been featured on Paranormal Survivor Season 5 Episode 8 "Bringing Ghosts In".

His greatest joys are helping those wishing to connect to there loved ones as well as performing the soothing sounds of the Native American Flute.

Debbie Marcum @ The 4th Annual 2020 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention

Debbie Marcum is a Spiritual Medium who uses her abilities to search for the missing and connect families to their loved ones. She is the founder of Project Missing Search and Rescue LLC. and works closely with police, dog teams and missing persons units to help bring the missing home. She is also a member of SWPI (Spirit World Paranormal Investigation). Adam and Debbie have teamed up to do tandem reading and speaking events at different paranormal venues. They also host an online talk show called "Beyond the Silence" on FaceBook. Their current project involves an in depth look into mediumship using modern equipment during their readings.

Spirit World Paranormal Investigations is a group of serious and experienced investigators that are in search of scientific proof of all things unexplainable (paranormal). Using different types of tools and equipment, investigators collect evidence to try to prove or disprove claims of paranormal activity.

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