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Plan Your First Cross-Country Ghost Hunting Trip

Over the past few years, there has been a rising interest in the paranormal, sprouting up paranormal investigative teams all over the globe! With Michigan being voted America's most HAUNTED State in 2023, it seems these investigations are only continuing to grow in Mid-Michigan and BEYOND! Although teams have dedicated their lives to proving the afterlife for many years, it wasn't until the late 2000's that ghost hunting really began to pick up steam as a nationwide hobby. Ghost hunting and paranormal investigative television shows as well as popular media coverage have encouraged a newfound interest in the paranormal. This may inspire you to grab your friends and a flashlight and GET to GHOSTIN! But before you go investigating on a major trip, take it from the Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention; there are a few things to keep in mind before your otherworldly outing!

Pick Your Main Destination

The great thing about ghost hunting is that there are plenty of haunted locations to choose from, not only in Michigan, but just about every State in America has its own secrets and ghostly past. It is a good idea to choose a location that both strikes your interest and can be easily accessed. Some of the best sites for ghost hunters are historic hotels as they are not only very accessible but hold a plethora of ghost activity. Once you settle on your primary travel destination, you can hunt for more haunted sites on the way there or close to the location.


You might want to investigate that old shut-down prison that is said to be haunted, but before you start planning your route, it is important to know the laws and location of environmental hazards in the area as well. Knowing the laws regarding certain locations is incredibly important to not only having a successful ghost hunt but also in keeping yourself and your crew out of trouble. Some locations are off-limits for a reason, like unstable structural integrity or harmful substances such as asbestos, lead, radiation or chemical exposure that might still be lingering inside. When you choose to disobey these signs, you are not only putting yourself at risk and in danger, but your team as well. In case of emergency, first responders might also be at risk trying to locate and rescue you and your team. No one wants a record for trespassing as part of a ghost hunt or something catastrophic to happen! Be SAFE!

Figure Out Your Budget

One of the most common misconceptions regarding ghost hunting is that it costs little to nothing. Local adventures may cost a little, but you do need a budget if you are going to pursue a professional hunt, especially cross-country. To do a proper ghost hunt, you'll want to seek out budget advice as well as photography and recording gear. Second-hand equipment can help you save. When on a budget, websites like eBay or Craigslist can be crucial for locating equipment, recording/editing tools, tripods, flashlights, readers, recorders, detectors, and other essentials. Also your travel expenses, is your team traveling together? Separate? Is fuel and food a consideration as well? All this can add up QUICK, but there are some great deals on high-end equipment and even travel when you shop around and network!

Listen to Locals

Although search engines can certainly help you dig up the history of a particular location, listening to locals can help you capture the entire story as well as provide valuable insight into just what you and your team are walking into. Often locals have a direct connection to the haunted location and know the rumors or restrictions that surround the site. They might know people who have worked within a location or even gone there themselves and can share insights form the past. Direct source information is the best way to immerse yourself in your chosen location. You may even find more interesting areas you never read about online.

Word to the Wise: Many haunted or highly active paranormal sights may very well in fact be guarded, preserved, and protected by the local community. In regard to Historic, Landmark, or Native Sacred sites, it is highly advisable to avoid these areas and give the sacred space the honor, respect, and dignity it so rightly deserves.

Under the right conditions you may be able to help volunteer to preserve the sites mentioned but should always communicate with the residing organization over the property first. For more discussions around the paranormal, including meeting Mid-Michigan Paranormal Investigative teams and more GET YOUR TICKETS to the Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention today! #MIDMichiganParaCon #Michigan #Paranormal #Convention

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