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Psychic Abilities: 4 Signs That You Could Be an Empath

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Psychic Abilities: 4 Signs That You Could Be an Empath |
Psychic Abilities: 4 Signs That You Could Be an Empath |

1. You Are an Introvert

Do you remember as a child being told that you must love yourself in order for others to love you? Similarly, empaths are very in tune to their own emotions, but they are generally not gregarious or outgoing. Hence, it only goes to follow that since they are tuned into themselves, they can surreptitiously tune into others. However, picking up on all of that energy can be exhausting, and so you are likely to need time alone to recharge.

2. You Can Sense Vibrational Energy

If you are an empath, you are incredibly sensitive to other people's emotions. This heightened sensitivity may surface as empathy. After all, the word empathize means that you are able to feel others' experiences. An empath can almost literally put him or herself in the other person’s place to feel what they're feeling. This empathy may lead you to want to help and heal others with trapped and painful emotions since you can feel how they negatively interfere with their ability to function normally. You will need to learn to identify and release these energies, however. A true empath finds it almost impossible to be cold hearted or cruel to other people.

3. Strange Things Happen Around You

If you are an empath, whether you recognize it or not, you will have unusual occurrences happen to you. You might or might not recognize them. Here are some examples:

Have you called someone by name when you have never met them before?

Have you ever dreamt of an occurrence before it happened?

Is your intuitive instinct extremely strong and accurate?

The caveat with this factor is that if you realize that you may have these strengths and try to use them to your advantage, you may not initially have the kind of control over them that you wish you could have. That skill must be studied, practiced and nurtured. Fortunately, any community of empaths is warm, welcoming and generous when it comes to teaching and offering guidance to other sensitive and intuitive people.

4. You Are Comfortable Being Different

Every psychic, holistic healer, paranormal investigator or New Age spiritualist realizes that they have a gift that not everyone possesses. There will be skeptics; moreover, there will be those who are likely covetous of your natural abilities. Remember, you will be incredibly sensitive to other people's emotions, and that's a gift, not a deficit! Be yourself and, if you choose, share your special gifts with the world.

If you feel like you want to improve on your empathic abilities, getting in contact with other psychics and healers can greatly help! The 2019 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention has a great lineup of psychic readers & healers that you are more than welcome to contact, do your own research, and learn more. Get Tickets & Register for the 2019 Convention; Here.

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