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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Al Kelchner Presenting @ The 2019 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention
Al Kelchner Presenting @ The 2019 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention

We are so excited to announce Al Kelchner! Presenting at The 3RD Annual 2019 Mid-Michigan Paracon in FLINT!


Al Kelchner from the haunted Willow Creek Farm in Urbana, Illinois will be part our FANTASTIC line-up of Presenters at Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention in Flint, MI on Sunday, November 3rd, 2019!

Considered by paranormal investigators and others to be one of the most haunted private residences in the state, the farm is also much more - a place for spiritual awakening and enlightenment! Willow Creek is a small working farm nestled in the rolling hills of rural northwestern Illinois just 45 miles southeast from historic, haunted Galena.

Most mediums claim that there are 7-9 resident spirits in the house with up to 30 passing through at any given time. But there are also spirits in the machine shed and on the land where the barn used to stand with Native American spirits seen and heard in the fields and pasture.

Haunted Willow Creek Farm - Urbana, Illinois
Haunted Willow Creek Farm - Urbana, Illinois

Paranormal investigations by organized teams and also reports by visiting guests including mediums have resulted in the following claims: hearing bangs, footsteps, knocking, Native American chanting and drumming, children crying, disembodied voices, dogs barking, smelling floral and tobacco scents, feeling extreme hot and cold spots, being touched, punched, hugged, choked, shoved, finding objects moved and, seeing full-bodied apparitions and shadow figures.

The farm is open to the public on a limited, select basis for overnight stays on weekends from April through November at no charge. Write to for further information.

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