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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Exie Susanne Smith @ The 2018 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention

We are so excited to announce another AMAZING presenter to our line-up at Mid-Michigan Paracon 2018 in Flint, MI! Exie Susanne Smith is a Spiritual Medium, Energy Reader, Paranormal Investigator, Author, Radio Show Host, and Speaker.

She is also the co-founder of the Harvest Moon Psychic/Holistic Festival to be held in Waterford in October 2018.

Her daily life has spirits and ghosts coming to call on her no matter where she happens to be.

When she was 12 years old her life changed, forever, in one night. “I knew I was going to have to grow up keeping a secret.” The secret, the fact that she could hear and see things that other people could not. “I never went in search of the dead, but it seems the dead has come in search of me.”

Exie is a natural born medium as well. “I have always known things that I should not know, that I have no way of knowing.” Her abilities grow stronger with each passing day. “This a large part of my life path. To help people connect, close doors and heal broken hearts.”

In her first book, Welcome To My Para”Normal” Life, she talks about the growth of her gift combined with the otherworldly events. “I thought I was crazy at times!” Now it is “Normal.”

In her second book, “When The Dead Come Calling,” she goes into detail as never before about ghosts, spirits, shadow people, orbs and vortices, as well as learning to take ownership of her gift.

In her third book, “The Essence Of Death,” Exie talks about being a Medium and how that helps and or hinders her while on a ghost investigation. The book also continues to talk about how she helps people get their lives back together. While she continues to learn and grow. Join her on the journey of a lifetime, buckle up, she guarantees it will be an exhilarating ride!

Exie will also be hosting a Special Event:

A Private Mediumship Spiritual Gallery “When the Dead Come Calling” Tickets will go on sale soon for the private event.


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