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Updated: Sep 16, 2022

When The Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention was created back in 2017, our event organizers had one goal in mind. To manifest a gathering of souls and spirits from all walks of life to MID-Michigan to celebrate the paranormal, get connected, and help answer your questions about all things seen and unseen!

In five short years, the support for our annual event within the State of Michigan AND THE U.S. has been OUTSTANDING! And we can't thank you enough! Since we began those short years ago, our "small idea" of an event has grown into one of the largest psychic paranormal gatherings in Michigan and it's THANKS TO YOU for all your support, love, and appreciation for what we, and everyone involved in our convention do! 2020 may have kept us apart, and 2021 brought us all back together! But we just can't wait for November 6th, 2022!

Discovery Plus Channels very own Ghost Brothers presenting @ The 2021 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention
Discovery Plus Channels very own Ghost Brothers presenting @ The 2021 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention

After an Otherwordly successful convention in 2021 -- Hosting hundreds of guests, 100+ vendors of all unique & odd delights, four separate gallery events, a charity benefit dinner & ScaryOke party, dozens of celebrity guest speakers, psychics, mediums, authors, presenters, and paranormal teams! -- We were creepin' and reapin' up plans for 2022!

Shortly after last year's convention, our team was notified of a few changes going on within our original venue that raised some concerns. After noting several major inconsistencies in the quality of the venue last year during the convention, compared to the last few years, we were already in works of finding a new and updated venue that would accept our weirdo's down here in the mitten!

Not saying the staff didn't KILL IT! 👻 (We do SO appreciate the setup staff, our catering & event organizer, service staff, our chefs and kitchen staff, front desk attendants, house keepers, and bartenders! They ROCKED our convention completely understaffed and you, YOU amazing and lovely people understood, and treated them with such patience and kindness!) Now, you know us Ghosts -- Transparent! And as if lightning itself crashed down on our haunting holiday home, the same day this information was given to us, the corporate organization brand pulled their name and all endorsements due to owed franchise fees. The hotel itself has been struggling during the pandemic. Our 2021 convention was one of the last events that supported over 90 employees before they were ultimately laid off.

While we loved the place that brought us all together, we knew we had to do something special for our growing convention and our guests!

With upgraded accommodations, handicap access, plenty of parking, upgraded technology, multiple restaurants, entertainment, bars, and all the luck one witch can carry -- We KNOW you're just going to love Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mount Pleasant, Michigan as the Spookiest Spot this side of the Mack! With multiple Mount Pleasant hotels, businesses, and historically haunted locations, were sure you're going to love our new home! Some amazing paranormal notes about the city of Mount Pleasant. Did you know? Mount Pleasant, MI is home to one of the oldest universities in the United States? That's right, Central Michigan University is one of the oldest college campuses with a power packed history of paranormal activity! The city itself is also home to several very sacred native sites, properties, museums, and history!

When we started the Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention, we knew MID-Michigan was home! Now, were even more Mid-Michigan than before! Come celebrate with us, Sunday November 6th, 2022 from 9AM to 6PM @ Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort! General Admission Tickets for our convention are available now @ Swag Packs, 2022 Merch, 2022 Sponsorship packages, and Special Event tickets are on their way to! Stay tuned to our facebook page for all updates, offers, and lineup announcements! AND if you're not part of our amazing group of 2022 attendees and past guests, feel free to join @ Let's GHOOOOOOST! 👻 -- MIDMich PARACON


The 5th Annual 2022 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention - 11/6/22 - Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort 6800 Soaring Eagle Blvd., Mt Pleasant, MI



(Our Annual HAUNTED HALLS & MAGICKAL MARKETPLACE Psychic & Shopping Bazaar event is OPEN to the PUBLIC! Tickets to this event are just $5 at the door! You DO NOT NEED A 2022 ParaCon Ticket to attend!)

Stay tuned to our facebook page and be sure to join our email list for future updates, events, discounts, and more! VISIT MIDMICHIGANPARACON.COM FOR TICKETS & MORE INFORMATION!!! #MIDMichiganParacon #MIDMichParaCon2022 #MidMichigan #Michigan #Paranormal #Convention #ParanormalInvestigation #ParanormalMichigan #MichiganEvents

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