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Palm Readers, Tarot Experts, Numerologists, Demonologists, Astrologers, Psychics, Mediums, Channelers, & More! Get a Psychic Reading with some of Michigan's Finest Psychics and Intuitive Practitioners
@ The 2021 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention - November 7th, in Flint, MI

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Brian Danhausen is a Witch and Empathic Medium. In addition to being a Paranormal Artist, Author, Investigator, and Enthusiast -- He offers a very interesting way to intuitively read others and provide healing in many forms. Stop by Brian's booth for a Personal Energy Reading Portrait!

Kaycee Colburn is a Psychic, Medium, Witch, Dream Walker, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, Founder & Lead Investigator of The Supernatural Psychic Investigators and Talk show Host of “Cauldron Talk with Kaycee Colburn” . She has appeared on an episode of the show “Within These walls”on VidiSpace, on a live stream investigation with Buffalo Niagara Paranormal for a trial of her Astral Projection Experiment, Buffalo Niagara paranormal’s new show “The Awakened Talk Show” on Paranormal warehouse, and on Paranormal Buzz Radio “Shea’s Paranormal Chat”, along with her own talk show “Cauldron Talk with Kaycee Colburn”on Kaycee will also appear on an episode of “The Grave Talks” with Tony Brueski.

Christa Lynn

I utilize the law of attraction and Tarot cards to give you insight into your past and present and to help you improve your future. Your reading will touch briefly on what has happened in your past, work on the issues of your present and then inform you of what is in store for you in the future. I will tell you what I see in the cards, give suggestions for improvement, and then you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Occasionally, if a deceased loved one is present, I will relay messages from spirit.

Chris DeSerio

Spirit Communicator, Psychic, and Spiritual Teacher Chris DeSerio. Chris is a medium communicating with loved ones, guides, entities, and other forces for over 20 years for the purposes of receiving messages, gaining greater insight and guidance, and for helping those who need to move on in the Spirit World to do just that. With his extensive experience in releasement work (and space clearings), Chris can share in all that he does in his roles as tutor and teacher in this and all his other areas of practice.

Donna will help you explore what the cards have to say for you! She is an intuitive that reads from the oracle and also uses a crystal ball when the spirits guides her to look further. "Our world and the beyond have a veil between them that at times is open enough to seek out unanswered questions and/or to help guide us into the next phase of our own existence." Donna Roberts. She joins us for her 4th year @ the convention! Be sure to get a seat at her table!

Exie Susanne Smith is a Spiritual Medium, Energy Reader, Paranormal Investigator, Author, Radio Show Host, and Speaker. When she was 12 years old her life changed, forever, in one night. “I knew I was going to have to grow up keeping a secret.” The secret, the fact that she could hear and see things that other people could not. “I never went in search of the dead, but it seems the dead has come in search of me.”

I am a past life reader that stands ready to help unlock any of the issues troubling you, issues that have been carried forth from your past life into today. Together, we will discover who your spirit guides are as you learn to listen and speak to them. Open up your past, fix your problems today, and enjoy a better tomorrow.

Karen’s goal is to assist clients in tuning into their own intuition and guidance to hear messages of inspiration and love. Providing uplifting information on ways to understand and nurture themselves and the people around. Karen uses stones to read and clear energy around the chakras. It is fun and a very easy reading for anyone to follow along as we go through the meaning of each stone together! Karen joins us for her 4th year in a row! Be sure to grab a seat at her table @ the convention!

I am a psychic medium, which means that I can communicate with the spirit world. I say that I bring you messages from the “larger” spirit world because I may bring messages from your deceased loved ones, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, and more. Spirits that want to communicate with you usually present themselves to me. You can also request specific people or spirits, and I can usually contact them if they are willing.


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