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Palm Readers, Tarot Experts, Numerologists, Demonologists, Astrologers, Psychics, Mediums, Channelers, & More! Get a Psychic Reading with some of Michigan's Finest Psychics and Intuitive Practitioners
@ The 2020 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention - November 8th, in Flint, MI


To ALL the amazing and gifted psychics and talent below, Thanks for making our 2019 event a GHOULISH Good Time! Want to be the FIRST on our line-up for our 2020 Event? Register Now, Click HERE to register. We'll release our line-up for the 2020 event very soon!

Brian Danhausen is a Witch and Empathic Medium. In addition to being a Paranormal Artist, Author, Investigator, and Enthusiast -- He offers a very interesting way to intuitively read others and provide healing in many forms. Stop by Brian's booth for a Personal Energy Reading Portrait!

Carroll is an accomplished Psychic Palmist/Astrologer/Card reader with 40+ years of experience beginning in Florida while studying for the Healing ministry. Expanding her spiritual quest over the years has included studies in Christianity, Buddhism, Native American spirituality, hands on healing, surrogate healing, color therapy, magnetic (the study of rocks) energetic healing Reiki and more.

Cat Ryan is an independent Psychic Medium out of Lansing, Michigan! Cat seeks to empower her clients spiritually, mentally and physically through her services as a reader. She will give you the tools and knowledge you need to live your most fulfilling life. This will be Cat's 2nd year with us! Be sure to grab a seat at her table @ the convention!

Charene Henderson

As a Medium Charene receives Messages from beyond the Veil from divine angels, crossed over loved ones, divine spiritual guides, and ancestors. As a Psychic she is able to discern answers to pressing life questions through Tarot Card readings. As a Mystic, she assists in removing blockages and stagnant situations.

Christa Lynn

I utilize the law of attraction and Tarot cards to give you insight into your past and present and to help you improve your future. Your reading will touch briefly on what has happened in your past, work on the issues of your present and then inform you of what is in store for you in the future. I will tell you what I see in the cards, give suggestions for improvement, and then you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Occasionally, if a deceased loved one is present, I will relay messages from spirit.

Donna will help you explore what the cards have to say for you! She is an intuitive that reads from the oracle and also uses a crystal ball when the spirits guides her to look further. "Our world and the beyond have a veil between them that at times is open enough to seek out unanswered questions and/or to help guide us into the next phase of our own existence." Donna Roberts. She joins us for her 2nd year @ the convention! Be sure to get a seat at her table!

Exie Susanne Smith is a Spiritual Medium, Energy Reader, Paranormal Investigator, Author, Radio Show Host, and Speaker. When she was 12 years old her life changed, forever, in one night. “I knew I was going to have to grow up keeping a secret.” The secret, the fact that she could hear and see things that other people could not. “I never went in search of the dead, but it seems the dead has come in search of me.”

Karen’s goal is to assist clients in tuning into their own intuition and guidance to hear messages of inspiration and love. Providing uplifting information on ways to understand and nurture themselves and the people around. Karen uses stones to read and clear energy around the chakras. It is fun and a very easy reading for anyone to follow along as we go through the meaning of each stone together! Karen joins us for her 3rd year in a row! Be sure to grab a seat at her table @ the convention!

Katelyn Giza

“As a solo Tarot reader, my goal is to provide people with the guide and motivation they need. I cannot guarantee exact answers, but I will promise you insight, even if it's just the smallest bit. My goal as a person, is to bring happiness and comfort to those around me, and I will do so, using source and the cards in my hands.” Come see Katelyn Giza @ The Haunted Halls & Magickal Marketplace Fair! November 3rd!

Kay Napora

She has had her spirit connection since a young age of two, and has been reading since the age of 17. She has been reading for the last 25 years. She comes by her channeling quite naturally, and was encouraged as a child to say what was heard or seen by her Mother and Grandparents. She has studied many different types of psychic classes, and also teaches classes in channeling your spirit guide. She also loves teaching classes on healing energy and properties of crystals and stones.

Kristin Roberts is a Physical Medium, Psychic Reader, Paranormal Investigator, and Remote Viewer. Kristin is a well-known and admired psychic with over 20 years of experience in psychic fairs, expos, and private parties, and phone readings. This will be Kristin's 3rd year with us! Be sure to grab a seat at her table @ the convention!

I am Awesome Elements. :) I am a clairaudient empathic medium, certified ThetaHealer, a certified Reiki Master and certified Empowerment Mentor. In addition to these healing services, I offer spiritual property assessment and clearing services helping others understand their paranormal experiences, and intuitve personal readings with and without cards.

Lynn Stacey

Lynn Stacey is a gifted Psychic/Medium. She utilizes the Tarot and her intuitive abilities to help people solve problems, and to connect with loved ones whom have passed. Lynn also communicates with animals and can converse with your pets, past or present, to find out what they are thinking. She works best with a photo but not always necessary.

Come see Lynn Stacey @ The 2019 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention

Multi-generational Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Empath, Reiki Master, Healer/Teacher, Life coach, Ordained Minister, and Certified Reader. As the message of the Divine is delivered to me, the channel is open and clear, the truth awakens and is conveyed. My goal of honest compassion is to leave my clients empowered with love, peace  of heart, and mind. As I facilitate your reading, you will feel Divine energy uplift your soul into true love and awareness.  

She is the owner of "Over The Moon" and will have a beautiful selection for you to choose from! Mary will also be available for Past Life Readings! Mary has been reading Past Lives for many years in Michigan and surrounding States at Holistic Fairs and Private Readings in Fenton. She sometimes can help you in this life when connecting to Past Lives. She believes that we all share a Past Life connection that either can help or in some way hamper you in this lifetime. In her reading she may be able to explore certain situations from a Past Life that you will be able to relate to in this Lifetime. Perhaps a phobia or fear that you have that you do not understand or a like or dislike for something for no apparent reason can be explained from a Past Life Experience.

Natural born empath, intuitive energy healer, Palm/Card Reader, Reiki Master & Licensed Massage Therapist & Owner of Body Tempo, located in Zilwaukee, MI At this event, I will be using palmistry & traditional tarot cards as a guide to help you on your path to your highest self. The palm of your hand reveals a blueprint of your life; past, present & future. Every choice we make shapes our destiny & those decisions are shown through the lines of the palm. Many things can be seen & timed out in the hand such as relationships, money, jobs, moving, people coming in, emotional and physical high’s & low’s, personality traits & more. Palmistry not only allows us to see the great potential within us but can also show warning signs that may lead to future obstacles. When empowered with this knowledge, we can work to facilitate change and even re-route obstacles or emotional blocks.

Raven Melody

Raven Melody is a psychic, medium, animal communicator (living and passed), automatic writer, and aura reader. She uses her gifts to read tarot cards, crystal ball, and tea leaves. She communicates with Archangels and Animal Spirits that guide her as she gives you guidance. Come see Raven Melody @ The Haunted Halls & Magickal Marketplace Fair! November 3rd!

I am a psychic medium, which means that I can communicate with the spirit world. I say that I bring you messages from the “larger” spirit world because I may bring messages from your deceased loved ones, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, and more. Spirits that want to communicate with you usually present themselves to me. You can also request specific people or spirits, and I can usually contact them if they are willing.

Tim Shaw has been a life long researcher in the fields of the Paranormal and Metaphysical. Growing up in Western New York State and having relatives in the Lily Dale Spiritualist Assembly ~ A Spiritualist Community ~ it was only natural for him to develop an interest in these mystical fields. As a Medium Tim has taken training through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, The Omega Institute, The Priesthood of  Melchizadek, as well as under the tutorage of many influential instructors.

With a gift that’s been passed through from generations, Tom has helped provide spiritual guidance to those who are feeling lost in life or who are looking for a spiritual connection. Throughout his life, he assisted those whose path had crossed, the living and the dead. He provided comfort and support for the ones left behind and answer questions to those who seek understanding.


Want to be a Psychic @ The Haunted Halls & Magickal Marketplace Psychic Fair & Shopping Event!? Happening right next door to the 2020 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention? Apply today for your spot Click Here to Get more information & apply online!

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