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SPEAKER / PRESENTER: Bishop Plato Angelakis

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Bishop Plato Angelakis @ The 2019 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention
Bishop Plato Angelakis @ The 2019 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention

We are so excited to announce Bishop Plato Angelakis! Presenting at The 3RD Annual 2019 Mid-Michigan Paracon in FLINT!


Plato Angelakis is an ordained Orthodox Catholic priest with the Oblates of St Therese in Wisconsin in 1999, Independent priest in the Old Roman Catholic Rite. Instituted as a cannon with the Anglican Missionary Society of the Americas in 2005. Active member of the American Association of Exorcists since 2013 and holds a certificate as Registered Exorcist -Deliverance Minister - Advance Practice. He holds teaching credentials as instructor at Agape Christian University at Choctaw. Consecrated a Bishop with the Mexican National Catholic Church. Presently Plato presides as Archbishop of The Holy Order of Saint Michael The Archangel, Mexican National Catholic Church in Canada.

An Exorcist in communion with The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel In California, since 2013. A member of the Ottawa Paranormal Research and Investigation Team, he works to bring help to those afflicted by paranormal phenomenon in any way he can. Plato consults with paranormal societies around the world. Plato was asked to perform the high profile cleansing of Evelyn Dick. The notorious female murderer’ s home in Hamilton Ontario featured on street spirits and on eTalk. Also on TFO documentary, on Various podcasts. Recently, he has joined as a member of Canada's Most Haunted operated by Michelle Desrochers -- well known and regarded paranormal expert! In the process of completing two books soon to be published. Bishop Plato is sought out by many paranormal teams to consult and advise.

The Exorcist TV Show Podcast ​ Exorcism - Demon Hunters :

Bishop Plato Angelakis :…/phot…/a.228105407369868/708346866012384/…

Demonology Featuring Bishop Plato Angelakis :

​Trailer for Street Spirits : ​

Etalk features STREET SPIRITS. A little documentary I directed for Bell Fibe TV1. If you have Bell Fibe check it out on TV1 under lifestyle. Season one is a little taste of Hamilton (my hometown) Promo clip below.

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