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SPECIAL EVENT: Energy Paintings w/ Brian DanHausen

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Mid-Michigan Paracon welcomes author and artist, Brian DanHausen!

Brian will be hosting a Special Event: Private Energy Reading Painting Gallery!

Tickets for this PRIVATE event will be $20. Brian will speak to the room about his life in the Paranormal world and he will randomly choose people from the audience to do LIVE Energy Reading Paintings!

This isn’t your “normal” painting. Brian sees it all! Light, dark, energies, entities, guides and MORE!

From Brian: “So many people have asked me what an energy painting here is how it

basically works: -- They usually approach me to get one done...and doing paranormal investigations and being a Witch and an Empathic Medium (that is just what I call it...I feel what they feel)...I deal with energies a I do try and protect myself...this is how it usually works...I open myself...many times before I even hold their hands for physical contact... I will start to see colors surrounding them...most of the time it is one or two primary colors...then when I hold their hands I begin to see more splashes of colors and shapes...I then put on my headphones with the music I use to meditate so that I can block everything else out...they sit and watch me build the layers...more colors and shapes may come...images of past or current loved ones may come...or guardians that what over or loved ones show me red in their core...the others do not...if they are on the other side they show me energy spikes emitting from them...similar to wings...sometimes there is a darkness that comes through from a person...but that is just human nature I believe and not necessarily something to fear...could also be in the past...sometimes I may see a particular thing...such as water...or a certain flower shape...

I live in Michigan were I am married to my wife Darlene and the father of two children. I have been dealing with the paranormal for most of my life. I have also been an artist for all of my life as well. Owner of The Final Nail (my art company), thus far I am the author of 2 books, Into The AfterLife : Paranormal World, Into The AfterLife: A guide Into Paranormal Investigating and have contributions in the book Haunted Prisons and a short story in the book, Krampus, The UnHolly King. I have just released Strange Tales From The Unknown...which is a collection of short, fiction, horror stories...with a second volume in the works and I am currently working on the third book for the AfterLife series and a book about my teachings on my path in Witchcraft.

I am also the Founder of the paranormal team...Into The AfterLife Paranormal, which I have been running with my wife for several years. I am also what you may call a medium. I have had several encounters with the dead that I have written about and sketched most of them in my books. Stop by my Vendor table to purchase your own personal Energy Painting or browse my artwork.


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