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We are so excited to announce THE GHOST BROTHERS: Dalen Spratt & Juwan Mass as official presenters at The 4th Annual 2021 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention in FLINT/GRAND BLANC, MI! 11/7/2021

Dalen Spratt & Juwan Mass are Paranormal Investigators on the HIT show "The Ghost Brothers: Lights Out" on Discovery+

"NEW YORK (March 19, 2021) – What do you get when you combine a celebrity barber with two fashion designers, all with a strong curiosity in the unknown? The first and only black paranormal crusaders seeking the truth in the spiritual realm! All based in Atlanta, The Ghost Brothers – Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey – are flipping the switch in their new discovery+ series GHOST BROTHERS: LIGHTS OUT. The show follows the three best friends as they venture into the unknown.

As the dopest brothers on television hunting ghosts, these candid and unorthodox paranormal investigators explore disturbed hotspots across the country, checking out and sizing up local legends and supernatural stories. They are ready to expose the haunted holdouts still hanging around these locations … and why they don’t leave.

Marcus and Juwan kick off each investigation by entering haunted sites without any prior knowledge of the paranormal territory they are walking into. Dalen, on the other hand, knows all the creepy history. Observing from his own mission control center, he guides his

friends through the most active areas of the property. Going in blind, Marcus and Juwan must discover for themselves what matches up with the legend and what does not.

Each member of the team has their distinct role: Dalen a.k.a. “The Bad Boy of Paranormal” is the risk taker; Juwan a.k.a. “Paranormal Poppy” is the suave, pretty boy of the group; and Marcus a.k.a. “The Soul Brother” brings a combination of heartwarming soul and comedy. The trio strikes a healthy balance with Dalen bringing a sense of adventure, Marcus creating a bit more of a relaxed vibe, and Juwan adds the compassion. The balance breathes a fresh point-of-view into the paranormal genre, a new perspective that fans think they know … but they do not." -- The Ghost Brothers (Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey) Are Flipping the Switch on the Paranormal in Their New Series Ghost Brothers: Lights Out

The Ghost Brothers premiered their first series on Destination America in 2016, the first episode was filmed right here in Mid-Michigan at The "Wedding Cake House" located in Vassar, Michigan! The Ghost Brothers visit this eery old victorian house with a spirit that seems to be targetting its tenants. Check out the episodes news interview below:

If you missed the insane streaming series "Fright Club" with Jack Osbourne & The Ghost Brothers, you're going to want to enjoy a night binging the first season on Discovery+! Fright Club follows Jack Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers as they compete to freak each other out with the creepiest paranormal videos they can find.

In a frightening yet friendly competition, paranormal investigators Jack Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers – Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey and Juwan Mass – come together to freak each other out with the craziest and creepiest paranormal footage they can find. These guys have each faced their fair share of paranormal disturbances, so they know what’s real … and what’s really freaky. It’s an uproarious and jaw-dropping battle of the paranormal. Three of the series’ 10 hour-long episodes will debut on February 9, with a new episode launching every Tuesday thereafter.

In each episode, Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers reveal mind-blowing supernatural footage: everything from UFOs to Bigfoot and ghosts. They’ll speak to the terrified eyewitnesses who captured it, get insight from psychic mediums, ufologists, cryptozoologists and other renowned experts, before ultimately voting on each episode’s “Nightmare Clip” – the most haunting one that’ll keep you up at night!

We are THRILLED to fly the Ghost Brothers in for this exclusive presentation at The 2021 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention 11/7/2021! Be sure to grab your tickets TODAY! Stay tuned to our facebook page and be sure to join our email list for future updates, events, discounts, and more!

TICKETS & SWAG PACKAGES ARE ON $ALE NOW! Grab Yours before they disappear! VISIT MIDMICHIGANPARACON.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION!!! #MIDMichParacon #MidMichParaCon2021 #ParaConLineUp #LineUp

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