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@ The 2020 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention - November 8th, in Flint, MI

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We are committed to providing a holistic approach to wellness in every area of your life. Our alternative healing professionals are dedicated and work with the client to treat the whole person in order to renew, recharge and transform your life! Let us help you awaken to the knowledge that YOU can begin again. Each moment is a chance to evolve and to become empowered in your discovery of A NEW YOU!

The New England Society of Psychic Research carries on the exploration and investigation of paranormal and demonic entities as initiated by the legendary Ed & Lorraine Warren. NESPR actively investigates & documents paranormal and psychic activity around the world.

Misty Bondy is a Detroit based artist that specializes in female and occult based artwork and jewelry. Be sure to stop by and check out her table @ The 4th Annual Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention!

Heather Schilling is a Michigan based scratch board artist. With her exacto knife she creates whimsically macabre illustrations and cartoons. She sells original art, prints, postcards, books, t-shirts and other miscellaneous items featuring her work.

Blackenedruby Jewelry makes accessories like pieces of history, with old fashioned grace and loud kick ass punk rock. She takes cameo jewelry from the English, French and Spanish styles and throws in skulls, pirates, and gambling icons. From beaded necklaces, bracelets, rings, cufflinks, brooches, earrings, hair accessories, and wall art Blackenedruby Jewelry is handmade and its own style. Both addictive and affordable Blackenedruby Jewelry can be found at several locations throughout Metro Detroit and online.

At Black Swamp Paranormal we believe spirits are still talking to those who are listening. We seek the truth of alternate existences. We offer our services free of charge to businesses/families in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Northwest Pennsylvania.

The haunted house in Hinsdale, perhaps the most famous haunted house in the area, has all the elements of a good ghost story: a mysterious history, strange sightings, unexplainable events and even an exorcism. As the years passed by, a few families have lived in the home but didn’t stay for long. This is where Daniel Klaes chapter in this story starts. Daniel purchased the infamous house and put it back into a functional condition. Today Daniel lets teams investigate the property in hopes of discovering the mystery behind the ghosts who haunt this home.

Detroit Rock City Paranormal is dedicated to paranormal research and exploration. We use both metaphysical and science-based methods to provide legitimate, research-based and analyzed evidence to our clients. We will work with you to determine what is causing the activity and provide support before, during, and after the investigation. We are currently serving southeastern Michigan, please contact us for your paranormal needs.

Kristin is a Registered Nurse with a passion for holistic medicine and products. She created Essentially Unique to share that love with others. Free from synthetics and fragrances, Kristin uses only all natural ingredients that are good for your body and soul! Soap, Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Vapor Rub, Muscle Rub, Room Sprays, Roll ons, and more!

Nora Custer provides a wonderful assortment of gemstones, crystals, herbs, candles, pendulums, and many spiritual & metaphysical supplies! Were so happy to have her back for a third year in a row! Be sure to check out her table @ The 2019 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention! 

Shetan Noir is currently the lead investigator for the Michigan chapter of the North American Dogman Project, and also runs the paranormal investigation team of Michigan center for unexplained events and phenomenon. She is available to do book signings for her two current books, Lake monsters and odd of the great lakes and Mothman and flying creatures of the midwest.

We LOVE our Susie Q! Susie has been selling her custom leggings at event shows for years now! Susie is a show-stopping favorite at our Paranormal Conventions! With Ouija, Witchy, Ghosty, Bigfoot, you name it, Susie's got a pair of leggings with your name on it! She also guarantee's the quality of her items.

Experience the fun and glamour of an endless array of nail styles, in stunning shades like New York Minute, Tokyo Lights, and Meet Me in Paris. With exclusive nail art designs, glitters, solids, and even French manicures, we have the most brilliant nail collections ever for whatever the mood or occasion—from fun to formal, elegant to edgy. Our 100% nail polish strips provide base, color, and top coat in every strip with the bonus of no drying time!

The Toledo Spirit Hunters are a paranormal team that helps families and businesses. They also have a YouTube series out called "Spirits Awaken". The team is also working on a documentary for Amazon Prime.


Want to be a Vendor @ The Haunted Halls & Magickal Marketplace Psychic Fair & Shopping Event!? Happening right next door to the 2020 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention? Apply today for your spot Click Here to Get more information & apply online!

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