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Updated: Sep 16, 2022

We are SO excited to welcome the Detroit Paranormal Expeditions (DPX) team to the 5th Annual Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention! Nov 6th @ Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort!

Join Todd Bonner and Jeff Adkins for “Haunted Michigan,” a foray into the paranormal side of the Great Lakes State. Step into the world of the unknown and experience an insider's perspective on what it takes to be a paranormal investigator.

DPX will take you on a journey through some of Michigan’s most fascinating haunted locations while sharing their best video, photo and audio evidence. Explore the realm of the unexplained, learn how they began as investigators, and bring your questions for the live Q&A session.

Jeff Adkins is a paranormal investigator and co-founder of Detroit Paranormal Expeditions (DPX). His journey into the paranormal world began at the age of 9 when a light in his room turned on by itself, and he has pursued the unknown ever since. Jeff and the DPX team have investigated locations across the United States, ranging from a former iron mining town, to historic mansions, psychiatric hospitals, lighthouses, islands and more. Jeff enjoys giving public tours of haunted locations, presentations about his experiences, writing and public speaking opportunities. He has been featured on Discovery Plus, Travel Channel, Destination America, T+E and Daily Mail TV. He has also been featured dozens of times in many of Michigan's largest media outlets, including WJBK Fox 2 Detroit, WDIV Local 4 News, WXYZ 7 Action News, Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, MLive, Detroit Metro Times, CBS Detroit, WJR News Talk 760 and WWJ Newsradio 950.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Detroit Paranormal Expeditions

Todd's journey into the paranormal and becoming an investigator began unexpectedly at a young age with a near death experience. Later as a teen he decided to sneak into an abandoned psychiatric hospital. That's when he first heard a disembodied that propelled him to search for answers, learning and experimenting to find the truth. Todd is co-owner of Detroit Paranormal Expeditions and co-founder of DPX Productions. He enjoys giving lectures, blogging, helping to educate the public, and working as a consultant with paranormal professionals from around the world. He has been featured on Discovery+, The Travel Channel, Destination America and T&E. Todd has been a guest on FOX 2 Detroit, WXYZ 7, WDIV Local 4, CBS Detroit, The Daily Mail and The Frank Beckmann Show. He has also been in publications that include, The Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News, MLive and The Metro Times.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Jodie Jose

"DPX is a group of friends on a journey to better understand the unknown. We investigate reported hauntings at places ranging from small historic buildings to larger, more well-known locations. There are countless reports of paranormal activity in Michigan and beyond. We're on a mission to explore them." -- Detroit Paranormal Expeditions (DPX)

DPX was founded by Todd Bonner and Jeff Adkins in December of 2016. They each have over decade of experience pursuing the paranormal world and seeking answers to the unknown.

Back in 2018 WDIV Channel 4 News' Paula Tutman interviewed Todd and Jeff, and toured the historic Eloise Asylum before it's remodel in Detroit, Michigan!

Todd ad Jeff have appeared on several Travel Channel and Discovery + shows, including Paranormal Survivor, Haunted Case Files, Most Terryifying Places, Fright Club, These Woods are Haunted, Paranormal Caught on Camera, Death Walker and Destination FEAR. They also have been featured many times in Michigan’s largest media outlets, including Fox 2 Detroit, WDIV Click on Detroit, WXYZ 7 Action News, The CW Detroit, CBS Detroit, The Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News, The Detroit Metro Times, and MLive. DPX has appeared nationally

on Daily Mail TV and internationally in The Daily Mirror and Daily Mail. To check out DPX's news articles, visit their Media Page.

Here is another interview with DailyMailTV from 2019 as well! We cannot wait until November! Get your tickets today @

Stay tuned to our facebook page and be sure to join our email list for future updates, events, discounts, and more!


The 5th Annual 2022 Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention - 11/6/22 - Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort 6800 Soaring Eagle Blvd., Mt Pleasant, MI



(Our Annual HAUNTED HALLS & MAGICKAL MARKETPLACE Psychic & Shopping Bazaar event is OPEN to the PUBLIC! Tickets to this event are just $5 at the door! You DO NOT NEED A 2022 ParaCon Ticket to attend!)

Stay tuned to our facebook page and be sure to join our email list for future updates, events, discounts, and more! VISIT MIDMICHIGANPARACON.COM FOR TICKETS & MORE INFORMATION!!! #MIDMichiganParacon #MIDMichParaCon2022 #MidMichigan #Michigan #Paranormal #Convention #ParanormalInvestigation #ParanormalMichigan #MichiganEvents

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